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Why Black Kids Underachieve


Children are magical intuitive little beings. Don’t take my word for it, just listen to the mind-blowing questions they ask. Listen to the mind-numbing observations that make.

Mommy, how come James can have the new “insert overpriced gadget here” and I can’t.

Is Donald Trump Racist and what is the wall?

Why doesn’t Dad come home anymore?

Why does your shirt say black lives matter? Do white lives matter too?

Eventually, these questions stop. Why? Because they already know the answer. They intuitively have concluded that they are not as privileged, they did something right, or life isn’t always fair. Children who can come to these kinds of conclusions deserve a conversation. Not only can children handle the truth, but, that truth could become the fuel that motivates a typically unmotivated children to start of business, achieve academic excellence and become a leader in their community.


Young black children are so new to the game, they see the world with fresh eyes. They see things as they are instead of how Adults see them. Adults see the world through the corrective lenses of societal conditioning. We stopped asking why not and instead simply managing the status quo. The children are usually the greatest truth-tellers in our communities and by ignoring that gift we’re sending a clear message to young people their insight isn’t valuable. Now, with no outlet for the truth they see, young people become withdrawn, uninterested in giving 100% to a reality that is not interested in keeping it “100”.

Emotional Intelligence

We literally dumb down you people. They can tell when adults are upset or when tensions are running high. Instead of making any acknowledgement the protocol is to typically usher them to another part of the house. It’s not usually until years later that they can open up about what they saw and felt. Instead, they have to pretend like they had no idea that:

Their parents were moving for financial reasons

Dad isn’t coming home because he was unhappy being with mom

The reason you can’t watch “Power” is because I don’t want you immolating the behavior you’re seeing

Trust me, these kids know what Ghost is up to. They know when you’re struggling. Guiding them in understanding these complex situations will prepare them. Sheltering them will force them into cycles that have plagued families and communities for generations.

Great Beard of Knowledge

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