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The Great Beard of Knowledge (Snapped)

Episode 1: The birth of a super hero

As a black man in America life is already challenging. That challenge is multiplied by being in a place like Boston. All over the country you hear rumors about the state of racial affairs in Boston. Despite how often or passionately these rumors are whispered, the claims are always difficult to substantiate. After I snapped I could identify that which was always felt and never seen, the primary force behind so much pain and frustration. It was almost as though snapping was the beginning of my super hero origin story.

As soon as I snapped it was as though my soul had dropped into some kind of sunken place. From this angle I could see my life for what it was, a joke.

Super Powers

Vision beyond Sight

In this case I have 2 powers. The first: the be the ability to see through the thin veil of poorly organized gestures and customs designed to indicate that all men and women are equal. All of a sudden, I began to connect one dot with another. The system in Boston that had done such an amazing job relegating people of color to second class citizenship came into full view.

Hussle and Motivate

Driven by my ancestors to rise to the challenge of meeting and subduing injustice, I am imbued with the power to ensure societal pressures that would crush most other men. This same power allows me to inspire my brothers and sisters to demand the blessing of freedom to be unshackled so that is can move among the people again.

Side effects

Anxiety. Peace can be hard to come by with your ancestors constantly sharing their visions of the future they died for. These visions show me that this is the generation that will bring an end to the ruler-ship of the few and the returning of power to the people.


The 9-5 plantation occupation has the potential to turn my powerful consciousness into a withered husk, only fit to make my oppressors wealthy.

Mission to Avenge Injustice In America

With power so great it would be selfish not to take on a challenge worthy of my abilities. My mission is to rid America of social injustice once and for all. To walk hand in hand with my brothers and sisters out of 600 years of oppression. I don’t know how many people there are like me, but if you’re out there, please comment below.

The Great Beard of Knowledge

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