Black Privilege - The Gift That Keeps Giving


White vs. Black Privilege: Although very different, both have important uses and applications and are needed today. Privilege has tremendous value in the process of healing the wounds of our past and balancing the scales of justice. The solution is NOT to pretend like privilege doesn't exist, but instead, embrace our privilege to make America great for the first time.  


The Origins of Black Privilege 

Black children, born in America during slavery, were born into one of the most hostile environments in human history. If your ancestors were slaves, understand only the strongest, bravest, and brightest survived. This distillation process created what we today refer to as "Black Privilege". Under immense heat and pressure, much like diamonds, the Black man in America developed special abilities to increase the likelihood of survival. Today those abilities grant privilege. 

Just to survive

Throughout slavery, Black people had to develop a particular set of skills and abilities just to survive. Otherwise, the black people reading this post wouldn't even be here. Some of, but not all of these gifts and abilities are: 

Physically Gifted: Worked to death and undernourished, the Black man in America is the product of natural selection wherein only the strongest survived to create a legacy. These physical attributes are on display in virtually every sporting arena. From the Olympics to little league, it is actually more surprising when you don't see a person of color lifting the trophy at the end of the contest.

Intellectually Gifted: In a world where the most intelligent Black people were murdered for


fear that they might challenge their oppressors, Black people had to learn to mask their intellects and embrace humility (a major contributor to scholastic underachievement to this day). Just being smart wasn't enough, you had to become a master strategist to avoid death and hide intelligence.

The Gift Swagger: To avoid torture and abuse, likability became a necessity. This element of "cool" was paid for in blood and should not be taken for granted. This likability also manifested itself within entertainers who went on to create new genres and mediums of art effectively revolutionizing entertainment on a global scale. 

Most Forgiving People On Earth: Probably the hardest to comprehend is the Black Man's capacity to forgive and move beyond trauma. Astounding how as a race, Black people are so willing to seek out unity and peace with their former oppressors without the reparations or apology (talk about being the bigger person). All throughout the Black experience in America, Black people have been barred from participating in virtually everything traditionally considered "White". Alternatively, Black people have welcomed all races and creeds to part-take in the fruits of Black culture without reservation. For your viewing and listening pleasure, I present to you, "Black Privilege".


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