A Reasonable Doubt

Give Jay-Z the benefit of the doubt

Can he live?

Who are you to question Jay-Z’s decisions?

I’m not defending Jay-Z because he’s a musician. I’m defending him because we have no right to tell him how he should or should not be spending his money. I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that virtually every reader here has put money into the pockets of a company that doesn’t even want to take your black dollars for fear that their brand might be considered too urban (Gucci, Adidas, Polo).

Voting Rights When it comes to voting rights: We ain’t got none! These rights come with investments and subsequent ownership of stock in a company. Considering the majority of people reading this post didn’t invest in:

Roc-A-Fella Records (1995)

Rocawear (1999)

40/40 Club (2003)

And countless other ventures since

Literally None of Our Business

We should all have a nice tall glass of “let this man live”. We’re sending in fan mail suggesting that he liquidate Rocawear to free up liquidity to buy into the 40/40 club? NO! Why not? Because it literally isn’t our business. It’s his business and he’s built it into a Billion dollar empire. Famous Jay-Z quote “You broke, what the F%&# you gonna tell me?”


This one goes without question. He is a man of the people, doing more for black people than virtually any other black person on the planet (Oprah, Michael Jackson level). It’s not like he’s OJ Simpson or something and we genuinely don’t know where he stands. From where I’m sitting, the NFL is little more than modern day Mandingo fighting. Big black men trying to tear each other’s head off every Sunday. Proof of the disregard for human life is evidenced by the lack of care around head trauma. INSERT Jay-Z here and one of two things is going to happen. 1.) He makes a ton of money and sells out, putting his people in the rear-view (Least Likely outcome based on track record-keep reading)

2.) Makes a ton of money and uses his vote to change the culture in the NFL (Help players increase ownership, Kaepernick, safer helmets)


Jay-z has always made the majority of his moves in silence with minimal fanfare.

Black Lives Matter

Send Tens of Thousands of dollars to bail out protesters

4:44 album

Challenged artists to take ownership of their music

Free Meek

Bringing attention to Criminal Justice Reform

Water For Life

Bringing to communities in Africa

Shawn Carter Foundation

Mission: help individuals facing socio-economic hardships further their education at post-secondary institutions

A quick google search

This will give a dozen more reasons why we shouldn’t jump to conclusions over this whole NFL thing

Responsibility to his fans?

We stuck with him from Reasonable doubt to Everything is love. From misogyny and drug dealing to raising a family and challenging the prison industrial complex. Yes, fans are the lifeblood of an artist. In some cases, it’s almost as though these artists are mentors helping us navigate tough times. This is part of the reason as fans we feel so disappointed when our brother makes a decision we don’t understand. To you I say, be patient. I know he probably should have called each fan first, however, sometimes in business, things come up and you have to move quickly. I wouldn’t worry much, he seems to always have his people in mind with every move.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

How many people actually stopped watching the NFL after Colin Kaepernick got blackballed? If you weren’t one of those people who found something to do with your time other than play ”Madden” and watch the NFL move on without Kaepernick, you shouldn’t have anything to say about Jay’s latest move. Now if you’re still fired up, let’s put that energy to good use because Jay isn’t the only one with a responsibility to bring about social change.

If you’ve got money – Invest it in your community

If you’ve got time – Invest in your community

If you’ve got information – Share it with your community

If you disagree, that’s fine, let’s just make sure we disagree in a way that continues to bring about social change.


Who would you rather have as an NFL owner if not Jay-Z?

Great Beard of Knowledge

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